The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (IEEE ITSS) Educational Activities Board (EAB) fosters programs for the growth of the ITSS educational related activities, recommending policies for educational development; coordinating the Distinguished Lecture Series of the society and approving plans for educational support activities.

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Cristina Olaverri Monreal We aim at serving the IEEE ITS members in educational pursuits supporting them with high-quality opportunities for education on the topic, providing them with information to understand prospects and career paths in ITS.

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To expand the ITS society’s offerings and opportunities in future industries of relevance, it is a pleasure to present the following courses that cover specific topics of interest in the ITS area. We hope that you will find them interesting and useful to gain valuable and meaningful skills in Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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Register freely (only need a IEEE ID) on this site and follow the news via ITSS newsletter where the available courses will be announced.

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Short Course in Predictive Analytics in ITS

This course presents basic concepts on Supervised Learning which are devoted to both develop and deploy real-world Predictive Analytics frameworks envisaging
applications in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems. It includes both relevant slides, key references and a guided pratical exercise where the source code is provided.


Autonomous Vehicles, Platooning and Traffic Flow Control for Connected Vehicles

The purpose of the short course is to introduce the concepts of autonomous vehicles and platooning and associated designs and analysis with emphasis on safety. In addition connectivity will enable the infrastructure to control traffic flow in a much more efficient way.

A primer on security and privacy in vehicular ad-hoc networksSelf enrolment

open for a limited time without IEEE ITSS Membership!


IEEE ITSS Summer School on Cooperative Interacting Automobiles

Summer School on Cooperative Interacting Automobiles


IEEE ITSS Summer School - Qingdao, ChinaSelf enrolment

The first IEEE ITSS Summer School on Frontiers in ITS: Transportation 5.0 has been successfully organized during July 12-17 2016, in Qingdao, China.



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